Realty Rehab Division

Realty Rehab is a division of The Certified Group which specializes in maximizing sellers profits by rehabbing the property prior to listing it.
If approved, we invest upfront costs to Rehab your property. This allows us to sell your property for the highest possible price when we list it.
In today’s market it is difficult to sell your home for the highest value if your property is in need of rehab.
Most realtors will list your property “as is” which will likely result in a low cash offer from an investor looking to make a quick profit on your property.
Why let investors profit from flipping your property when essentially you can do the same thing through Realty Rehab?
The Realty Rehab team has over 50yrs combined experience in rehabbing and selling properties from small condos, single family residences to 500 unit+ apartment complexes.
Realty Rehab will apply their professional knowledge of the industry to price your home accurately before and after rehab.
Our skilled team will execute quickly and cost effectively to ensure an easy and profitable sale with no out of pocket cost to you. We get paid through escrow when the house is sold.